Frequently Asked Questions

Are you certified and licensed to operate?

Yes! Made by Dr. Mckenzie is a licensed tattoo studio and all working artists are certified permanent makeup artists. All artists completed a hands-on apprenticeship and received certification from one or more permanent makeup artists and training academies, including some of the worlds best PhiBrows masters . Dr. Mckenzie has over 10 years pharmacy experience and has worked with patients suffering from HIV/AIDS, Cancer and Alopecia.  She has had extensive  training and certification in Blood Borne Pathogens as deemed necessary for tattoo artists by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It’s crucial that you choose not only a certified permanent makeup artist, but also a licensed one to ensure your health is protected!

Do I need to shave or wax my brow hair?

No! We will shape your eyebrows as needed with shaving and/or tweezing and choose a color pigment that blends seamlessly with your natural brows.

How are Microblading, Shading and Ombre Powder Brows different than a traditional eyebrow tattoo?

The most common type of traditional eyebrow tattoos involves the use of a lot of pigment and a block style brow, which leaves the client with a dark outlined eyebrow and no depth. These often fade to really unflattering colors. Made by Dr. Mckenzie services leave the client with natural looking eyebrows that look real! Careful selection of pigment is chosen to give depth and shape so that the natural brow hairs and permanent makeup blend seamlessly. Note that everything we do looks natural, but all permanent makeup is still a tattoo. There are just dozens of techniques.

What is the difference between the techniques?


This technique involves making tiny little lines in the skin with a hand tool and ink, resulting in an eyebrow tattoo that looks like hair strokes. This option shows a lot more skin than the other techniques, and for that reason many people think it’s the most subtle.

• This technique typically fades the fastest

• More trauma to the skin over time, so touch ups should be minimal and spread over time

• Best for people with tight skin and small pores

• Better for people with dry and normal skin

• Not the best technique for people with oily skin

Microblading with Shading:

This technique blends both hair strokes and shading into one blended outcome. First microblading is done, then another tool is used to provide a soft diluted version of color to fill the space between strokes. This makes the brow look fuller and slightly more pigmented than can be achieved with just microblading alone.

• Looks like hair strokes but with a lot more coverage

• Lasts longer than microblading

• Still some microblading, however less is needed than with microblading alone

therefore less touch ups needed, thus less trauma to the skin

• Best option for those with little to no hair, or large holes in their natural brows

• Better option for people with oily skin

• Not the best technique for people who bleed

Ombre Powder Brows:

This technique is done with a small machine that gently inserts pigment into the skin that looks very soft and misty. No hair strokes are placed, so the brow is fully covered with a light color, and little pigment is placed at the start of the brow for a soft look. This does not look like old traditional block brows! It’s soft and pretty, like a light makeup fill.

• No hair strokes are created

• Lasts longer than the other techniques

• Minimal trauma to the skin

• Less touch ups required

• Great for all skin types

Does it hurt?

Every client is different and pain tolerance varies by client. Most clients describe the pain level as minimal and find tweezing and threading more uncomfortable. At Made by Dr. Mckenzie, we use the best topical lidocaine cream available to minimize discomfort. That being said, this is a still a tattoo. You will typically feel some discomfort. Based on experience, we would describe the feeling as a slight burning, astringent like sensation. Very tolerable and worth it!

How long does it take?

The process takes approximately 2-3 hours from the moment you walk in the door to completion of your beautiful new brows. The first hour or so is spent designing your new brows and numbing the area. There is no downtime! Occasionally, some clients will have some slight redness and swelling around the area which is very normal and will subside within a couple of hours. Most clients go on about their normal day when they leave their appointment.

What is the healing process?

Some swelling and tenderness after the procedure is normal and may last a day or so, depending on the client. Your new brows will appear DARKER, WIDER, AND SHARPER than the way they will heal. This is especially true for days 2-5. This is harder for some clients than others. Clients who rarely wear makeup may find that they don't like how their brows look on these days because they are too intense. That's normal! The pigment is sitting on top of the skin and has not yet settled into your face. As your skin heals over the tattoo, your brows will lighten and soften. This process takes about 7-10 days or so on average. It’s important to follow all after care instructions and to attend the required follow up appointment to make the finishing touches to your new brows! Your healing is only about 50% in our control. Once you leave it's up to you to be diligent about following the instructions you're given to get the best result! And no matter how great they look, it's important to come for your touch up appointment to get the final result. This is a 2 step process, so even if you have some things you want to tweak after the first appointment, no worries! We will continue to work on your brows at your touch up.

How long does it last?

This will vary by client. If aftercare instructions are followed diligently, your new brows will last approximately 12-24 months on average before they're mostly faded; 18 months is average. For some people, their brows will last even longer, and some less. Certain factors such as sun exposure and tanning beds, getting chemical peels, oily skin type, bleeding, etc., will affect whether your brows will last on the higher or lower end of the expected 12-18 months. We recommend one touch up per year to keep them fresh. Coming more often increases the risk for scar tissue or causing your brows to look unnatural.

Will it look natural?

Absolutely! The techniques used at Made by Dr. Mckenzie creates realistic, simulated hair strokes and/or powder fill that looks just like a real eyebrow! Your brows can be as big and bold or as soft and subtle as you like!

What if my brows are fading faster than I’d like?

We will revisit aftercare and lifestyle to make sure that is not the issue. If not, it’s likely that you need to go darker and fuller at your touch up, and/or you are ready for a more full coverage, longer-lasting technique like powder brows.

What if I have concerns about my brows after they heal?

Complete customer satisfaction is our goal! If you have concerns about your brows after they've healed please call us right away so we can discuss! We are here to help.